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Last updated: April 16, 2018

(001) Are strollers or baby carriers/harnesses allowed in this race?
(002) Can I use JFK Airport's AirTrain to get to the race area?
(003) I am not exactly a professional runner or even an athlete. Can I still participate in this race?
(004) Are wheelchairs allowed in this race?
(005) What happens if it rains on race day?
(006) What is the official measurement of the race course?
(007) Can family members/friends/colleagues come to watch me participate in the race? Do they have to pay the registration fee if they're not participating in the race?
(008) Being that the race takes place on a runway, is it a completely flat 5k?
(009) Are dogs allowed in the race? / Can I bring my dog with me to watch the race?
(010) Will we run on the actual runway this year? We didn't get a chance to run on the runway in 2010!
(011) I am in a group and we would like to participate in the race. Will we get a group discount? / I'm in a runner's club. Several members and I would like to sign up for this race together. Do we get a group discount? / If you do offer group discount, what constitutes a 'group'?
(012) You say there's a bus service available that goes from the AirTrain station to Building 14. What is the name or number of bus I should look for?
(013) What kind of prizes are there for the race participants?
(014) Is there parking available for the race? If so, where and how much does it cost?
(015) Will there be a safe place to store our bags/belongings?
(016) I have to leave right after the race (either planned or unexpected) and won't be able to stay for the awards ceremony. If I'm in the top three in my age category, will I still get my medal? If so, how?
(017) Can I bring my iPod/headphones to listen to while I run/walk? / Can I wear an armband for my smartphone?
(018) Can I bring my camera along with me while I participate in the event or as a spectator? What about a tripod?
(019) I was a race participant and registered before the t-shirt deadline. You ran out of t-shirts (that are my size) at the race and you told me you would mail me a t-shirt. I never got it! Why is that? / I sent you an email with a question a few days ago but never heard from you.
(020) Can I ride a bicycle in the race? I'll pedal slowly and I promise not to run down any runners/walkers!
(021) My child wants to participate in the event and he/she would like to bring a skateboard/hoverboard/rollerblades/roller skates/scooter/tricycle. Are any of these allowed?
(022) Is JFKRunwayRun on any social media? I'd like to be notified of any updates or news about the race.
(023) You say that you give a discount to participants who are students. Is it applicable to college students as well?
(024) Something is wrong with the website (bad link, spelling error, information is incorrect, etc.)! Can you fix it?
(025) Is the race chip-timed (timed by chip)? How soon do we see the results of the race? / I ran in another race and they didn't post the race results for a couple of weeks. So I was wondering how soon after the end of the race will we see the race results?
(026) I just found out that I won't be able to attend the race and I've already registered for it! Can I get a refund?
(027) I registered for the race and it turns out that I won't be able to make it. I do have someone who would like to take my place. It is possible to transfer my registration to another person?
(028) Will there be mile markers at the race?
(029) Is there any way to buy raffle tickets online? I won't be carrying cash at the race.
(030) I live in Manhattan and will be using public transportation to the race. What's your recommendation for the best route?
(031) I saw pictures of me in your photo gallery! Can I post them on my Facebook (or any social media)?
(032) I participated in the race, but I don't see any pictures of me in the photo gallery! I'm so disappointed. Why is that? / Why are some photographs not very good or not sharp? / Why are there more pictures of certain individuals than others in the photo gallery?
(033) I was wondering if there are restrooms available at the race? If yes, where will they be?
(034) I'm a hobbyist/professional photographer and I would like to...

...take pictures of your race for free. I will then post the pictures on my website where your participants can select pictures and purchase them to be printed.
...take pictures of your race and give you the pictures to be posted on your website, all for free.
...take pictures of your event and post them to my social media page. All I am asking for is a nominal fee for my services.

Can I?

(035) I'm a shirt printer and would like to offer my printing services to make t-shirts for your event. Would you be interested?
(036) I will be participating in the race in a wheelchair. Are the buses (that takes us to the runway) accessible for wheelchairs? If so, what kind of access?
(037) I'm planning to register for the race via post mail. Do you accept money orders as a payment?
(038) It will be my first time attending your race. I'm so nervous! What do I do? What can I bring?
(039) (Regarding the increased security in 2014 and onward) Can we bring smartphones/cellphones that contain built-in cameras?
(040) I registered for the race, but I noticed that I missed the deadline to be guaranteed a shirt! Is there any chance of getting a shirt?
(041) (Regarding the increased security in 2014 and onward) Can I bring my fanny pack?
(042) Will there be water stations along the race route?
(043) Do I have to bring a photo ID (identification)?
(044) Do I have to bring printed race confirmation?
(045) What charities do the funds from the race go to?
(046) I missed the online registration deadline! If I go to the race, can I still register in person? If so, how much?
(047) I'm a foreigner who signed up for the race. I do not have any U.S. identification. Can I use a green card or a passport as ID? / I am a UK national/resident. Can I register for the race?
(048) Will there be an area to warm up and run a little before the race starts?
(049) Which runway will we be running on? / Do you have a course map?
(050) I would like to volunteer at your event. Who do I talk to? / My group would like to volunteer at your event. How do we go about doing it?
(051) Will the results of the race be posted on-site? (I'm talking about at the race itself, not on the website.)
(052) I'm a traveler. My flight will land at JFK at 7:00 am on the race day and I have free time for the next several hours. Do you think I will have enough time to get to the race? It looks really fun! Also, will there be a locker or someplace nearby to put my bags in?
(053) Call me paranoid, but what if I (or anyone else) happen to have a medical emergency in the middle of the runway? How soon will an ambulance arrive?
(054) I want to participate in the event, but I'm tight on time. What time does the race finish? / How often will the buses return people to Building 14? If possible, I'd like to leave as soon as I cross the finish line.
(055) I think I registered for the race, but I can't remember for sure! Can you find out for me? / I registered for the race but didn't get a confirmation email. Please advise?
(056) I just registered online for the race. But I didn't get any information packet on where to go and what to do. Am I missing something?
(057) What are the coordinates (longitude/latitude) for the race area?
(058) What is the t-shirt color going to be this year? I want to wear a matching tutu/pants/apparel.
(059) What is the youngest age a child can participate in the race?
(060) Do you offer virtual race?
(061) I see you have a mailing list and I'd like to subscribe to it but I'm concerned about getting spam/junk email. You won't give out our email addresses, will you?
(062) I have a small runner's wallet that I clip to the front of my shorts; it holds my iPhone, a copy of my driver's license, and my apartment keys. Is that allowed?
(063) Can spectators bring folding chairs or will there be chairs for them?
(064) My spouse and I signed up for the race. Our 6-year-old child is also registered. My question: must we stay with our child during the entire race?
(065) Can we pick up our bibs on the day (or any days) before the race day?
(066) I have a small, slim fanny pack that holds just my smartphone, ID card, and tiny energy gummie bites. Can I bring it?
(067) (Regarding the cold weather forecast for the race day) I suppose that at the runway, there will be waiting around and it could get very cold. If I bring a tracksuit or a warm jacket, would I be able to leave it near the start/finish line just before the start of the race? I can then pick it up at the end of the race (at my own risk that it could get stolen). Is that allowed or not allowed?
(068) For the virtual run, there's only a shirt and no medal sent? How do I report my time?
(069) (This question was asked in September) I know it's probably too early, but when do you think you'll let us know about the date for next year's race?
(070) My husband, son, and I will be driving in from upstate NY and it will be our first time. I'll be running in the race while my husband and son cheer me on. I was wondering, do spectators get free t-shirts? If not, is there a way for them to get t-shirts? We'd love to have them as mementos.
(071) I would like to carry a U.S. flag in the race. Is it allowed?
(072) What materials are the shirts made of?
(073) Several of my co-workers and I are planning on walking in the race. Long explanation short, our company doesn't allow us to print PDF files from outside sources through websites or email. Do you have the application form in a format other than PDF, such as JPG?
(074) My company will be a sponsor of the race. Does the sponsorship entitle our employees to participate in the race for free?
(075) My organization is interested in becoming a sponsor. We were wondering if we could set up a table to distribute our material and/or set up a tent?
(076) I'm involved with a small airport and we're very interested in doing a fundraising race inside our airport's fencing, using your race as an inspiration. What is involved in setting up an airport race?
(077) I don't trust third parties like the online registrations and I don't want to mail in my registration form either. Would it be possible for me to scan my registration form and email it directly to you?
(078) May I bring my seatless unicycle and ride it at the race?
(079) Two weeks ago, I registered for the race and found out I couldn't make it. So I asked you to cancel and refund the registration which you did. Now I find out that I can make the race after all. Can my registration be reinstated? Or do I have to re-register all over again?
(080) I've never done this race before. Are there planes nearby to the extent that jet exhaust is an issue for runners? I just don't want to be sucking in exhaust fumes as I'm crushing it!
(081) I see you have two online registrations. Common sense tells me to register on only one. Right? I just wanted to be sure. / Why do you have two online registrations?
(082) Great event! When I picked up my shirt, I put it away in my bag. I got home and noticed that you had given me a wrong size shirt. I'm sorry, I know I should've checked. Is there a way for me to get the right size shirt or switch the shirts or something? / When I registered, I picked Medium for my shirt size. When I tried it on, it was way too big for me and I need a Small shirt. Is there a way to switch shirts? I'm willing to pay for the shipping costs. / I love the shirt color & design. I would like to get more to give to my family and friends. Can I buy some and how much are they?