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2017 (4/9) - Elitefeats

1347 Photos. Gathered directly from the website of our timekeeper Elitefeats and placed in chronological order.

2017 (4/9) - Elitefeats 2.5k

851 Photos. These photographs came directly from the website of our timekeeper Elitefeats. Taken at the 2.5k marker. In chronological order.

2016 (4/10)

1008 Photos.

2016 (4/10) - Elitefeats

997 Photos. These photographs came directly from the website of our timekeeper Elitefeats. The number in the photo's filename corresponds to the race time. For example: 5k16ef-002247.jpg. 002247 is the time (00:22:47, or 22 minutes, 47 seconds). If you know the time you crossed the finish line, you can look up that particular time (or close to it) and find a photograph with you in it. Be sure to check a few photos before and after your time. You may be in these photographs as well. Enjoy!

2015 (4/19)

1132 Photos.

2014 (4/6)

1655 Photos.

2013 (4/14)

1170 Photos.

2013 (4/14) - Contributions

12 Photos. Photographs in this particular gallery were generously contributed by some of the race participants. Thanks!

2012 (4/15)

1154 Photos.

2011 (4/10)

1112 Photos. Miss Liberty 2011 (Kimberly Cantoni) made an appearance and assisted with giving out medals to the race winners.

2010 (4/18)

561 Photos. Due to thick volcanic ashes in the sky near Iceland, all of the runways at JFK Airport were needed to allow diverted airplanes to land. The airport management canceled us from using the runway at the very last minute. We used the roads of JFK Airport instead. Also: Tara Costa ("Biggest Loser 7") and her fans participated in the race.

2009 (4/19)

572 Photos.

2008 (4/13)

295 Photos.

2007 (4/22)

75 Photos.

2006 (4/23)

90 Photos. It was a very wet and windy day! Kudos to all the participants who endured through it.

2005 (4/17)

182 Photos.

2004 (4/18)

298 Photos.

2003 (5/18)

192 Photos.